About Koi Tattoos

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The history and mythology of koi goes back to China, more than 2,000 years ago, and these images and stories have been absorbed into Japanese culture, like so many other things. They were regarded as promising animals for hundreds of years. Have been popular images throughout the history of Japanese tattoo designs, and so that the style is now very popular in Western culture tattoo, the tattoo is so Japanese Koi.

In real life, these fish are kept for carp in backyard ornamental ponds and water gardens. I went from ordinary fish to develop a dedicated and fantastic shape and colors. The only thing more amazing than the range of colors that these fish are in the real world is the patterns and colors have been described with tattoo designs.

Koi is the Japanese word “brocaded carp” and refers to the large, colorful fish, which is grown in ponds and preserved for centuries. Nishigikoi official name translates as “living jewels“. Careful breeding of these fish actually caught on Modern in 1800, and has produced a rainbow of colors and variety of entries for a specific organ.

They are part of Japanese mythology and symbols of strength, endurance and courage. These fish are very long life in good conditions, and this has contributed to these interpretations and associations. In the myth, the very strong koi will be able to swim upstream and jump waterfalls, being rewarded at the end of the journey by being turned into a dragon.

This is the tattoo that is inspired by the Japanese Koi fish. Besides the fact that these fish quite amazing and full of life, a symbol of good luck for Zen beliefs.

There are certain qualities that are assigned to code Koi fish and these qualities are the same, reflecting the best virtues of the samurai warriors in Japan – and the courage shavings awesome face challenges and the ability to overcome the worst obstacles in everyday life, as in time of war.