Ghost Mannequins Made Easier

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Ghost Mannequins Made Easier

Fashion photography got a breakthrough when the photography style of ghost mannequins started.  Photographers came upon this style of photography when the technology to erase parts of a photo came about.

One of the challenges of making photos in a ghost mannequin style is that it takes time to make it. Photographers need to start with a base picture where the clothes are worn by a dummy to show how they would look on a person’s body. The clothes then need to be taken off after the base picture is taken and then turned inside out to take pictures of the parts that were concealed. After all the pictures are taken, the photographer needs to work on editing the pictures. Taking the pictures alone takes up about an hour because the clothes have to be placed just right and lighting fixtures have to be set in the right locations to highlight the right parts of the clothing.

Mannequin makers recognized a need to manufacture a dummy with removal parts. They started to create a figure with removal parts to help photographers minimize the time it takes to create ghost figure photograph. The dummies made were called invisible or ghost mannequins. These figures are made like any regular dummy with a few differences. It has a removable neck that can be clipped off and a removable section that resembles a V-neck line. This would make it easier to see the label on the collar at the back collar of the garment. The length of the arms were increased to easily show the cuffs of fancy wear while the length of the legs were equally increased to let it hang loosely and avoid any creases over the feet.

This tool was introduced as the Packshot Model Form. The word ‘packshot’ is conventionally used for still pictures that include the packaging and the trade name of any product to increase reputation in advertisements.