Things You Wanted to Know About Lotus Tattoos

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The lotus flower has its origin from Egypt, and has played a main role in the local myths and legends. The ancient Egyptians worshiped the Nile water-lily or lotus as they were also named. According eastern beliefs Lotus bloom symbolizes rebirth. In Buddhism, it is the most essential symbol for spirituality and art.

White lotus signifies the state of spiritual perfection; red lotus is related to the purity of the heart and can have the meaning of love and passion. The pink lotus is the perfect of all and stands for the deity, when the blue lotus symbolizes the wisdom of knowledge.

Beside of, the lotus also denotes truth and enlightenment, especially to those of the Buddhist faith. In a lot of ways it expresses the quest for truth and enlightenment amongst the darkness and struggles of life.

The contemporary symbolical meaning of the lotus flower appears to be one of estranged love or new beginnings. It is interesting that plenty of people make lotus flower tattooed after the break-up of a relationship. Thus, it can denote that they have moved above the depths or may come back to it as the lotus turns back to the pond.

Lotus tattoos can be quite simple; however, they may also feature intricate designs. One interesting idea would be to depict the seven chakras of the practice of Kundalini. Each chakra is associated with one of five elements (including space), and either consciousness or enlightenment. Each chakra shows a lotus flower with its own color, and in a different state bloom. For example, the Muladhara chakra has only four petals unfolded, and is a crimson shade; while the Visuddha has 16 petals and is a purple hue. These flowers can be placed in their corresponding areas, for instance; the Manipur chakra may be placed on the lower abdomen, while the Svadhisthana may be placed on the pelvis.

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